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14 Sep.-9 Nov.

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Self-supported means also self-interviewed. So when you find a buddy from the gruppetto, it's always time for a speach full of sarcasm and irony. Unfortunately, @_marc_egger_ can't be everywhere at once. So, thanks to @switchback_switzerland for playing the role of the interviewer. For sure, the sleep deprivation and the ~30h of riding from the start of this adventure help to say nonsense. Oh yeah, as some of you have noticed, I missed the canton of Zoug by about 500 meters ... Shit happens! 😉 #cyclingswitzerland #cyclistech #such2022 #ultracycling #selfsupport #bikepacking #adventure #switzerland #zoug #IamAlĂ© @such.bike @cycliste.ch @fmchallenge @cyclingswitzerland @alecycling_morabito

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    “😂 l’annĂ©e prochaine, j’essaierai d’ĂȘtre lĂ  đŸ€©â€

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