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Petes Diary

Petes Diary

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“Some people can teach us better than others how to make a difference in our lives, and Peter Dankelson is one of them.” Astrid Lustulin, Reader’s Favorite 5-Star Review More than 700k social media followers have found inspiration from Pete's Diary. "How I Learned to Rock My Life" is both Peter's story and the journey of how Pete's Diary evolved from his birth in 2000 to his career as a guitar player. Be inspired to... 1. choose courage over fear, 2. practice gratitude, 3. accept things you can't change, 4. learn from failure, 5. never give up on yourself, 6. find your tribe, 7. pursue your passion, and 8. laugh once in a while! Get started at https://www.petesdiary.com/autobiography 📸 Images by Marie Moore #MondayMotivation #autobiography #author #speaker #positivemindset #PeterDankelson #PetesDiary #GoldenharSyndrome #microtia #guitarplayer #youngadultlit #youmatter Readers Favorite IngramSpark

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