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18-27 Jul.


Liquidity Services South Africa

Liquidity Services South Africa

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šŸŽ‰ ļ¼§ļ¼©ļ¼¶ļ¼„ļ¼”ļ¼·ļ¼”ļ¼¹ ļ¼”ļ¼¬ļ¼„ļ¼²ļ¼“ ā—ā— š’š“š€ššƒ š€ š‚š‡š€šš‚š„ š“šŽ š–šˆš š€ š†š„šš„š‘š€š“šŽš‘!! š…šØš„š„šØš° š­š”šžš¬šž š¬š¢š¦š©š„šž š¬š­šžš©š¬: 1. Follow both our Facebook page (š‹š¢šŖš®š¢šš¢š­š² š’šžš«šÆš¢šœšžš¬ š’šØš®š­š” š€šŸš«š¢šœšš) & Instagram page (š‹š¢šŖš®š¢šš¢š­š²_š’šžš«šÆš¢šœšžš¬_š’š€) 2. Share this post to your story 3. Tag 3 friends in the comment section š–šˆššš„š‘ š–šˆš‹š‹ šš„ š€šššŽš”šš‚š„šƒ šŽš šŸšŸ– š‰š”š‹š˜ šŸšŸŽšŸšŸ‘ This competition will run on our š…šššœšžš›šØšØš¤ & šˆš§š¬š­ššš š«ššš¦ page, to increase your chances, enter on both pages. *Disclaimer: Anyone who unfollows/unlikes our pages after the giveaway, will be banned from our future giveaways. #liquidityservicessa #giveaways

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