How to boost your audience on Instagram?

How to boost your audience on Instagram?

With everyone using social media websites and spending long hours every day watching videos and pictures on Instagram. This platform turned into a great tool for marketing and advertisement. There are several ways to get followers on Instagram like contests on Instagram, which can help you gain more followers and boost your audience.

Tag others to win on Instagram

This one is an easy way to have more followers and increase engagement on your account. Your followers will have to tag their friends and like the post to enter the contest.

Some of the tagged people will click on your profile and may follow you. Liking the post will get your post to the explore page. Therefore, others may find it bringing you some followers.

Photo upload for Instagram contest

You can do this contest by asking your followers to post photos of them holding products you sell or just ones for products they like from your page and tag your Instagram page. This way, the followers of those who participate will tap on the tag to see the products you offer.

On top of the extra followers you will have, this contest will make more people recognize your brand and products.

Product giveaway

You can do this one when a new popular product comes out like a new phone, camera or watch. Announce that you will give a free product to a random follower and add some extra conditions such as liking the post and sharing it as a story.

When people see the announcement on their friends’ stories, they will want to participate as well bringing you more and more followers. The page can boost its contests and increase the participant numbers by posting an ad on another page that has a lot of followers.

Now that you’ve identified the different contest mechanics, you’re probably wondering how and why to create a contest with Lukky?

Lukky is an app that simplifies organizing and running contests on Instagram but not only!

We believe that to create a contest, the features should match your needs and help you create the best social media contests possible.

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